Contraception in Dubai

Contraception is important to prevent unintended pregnancies, abortions and HIV transmissions. It facilitates family planning and spacing of births.

What is Contraception?

Contraception can be a method or device used to prevent pregnancy. It is also known by names like birth control, anticonception, or fertility control. 

Types of Contraception in Dubai

There are different types of contraception in Dubai as per the need and suitability. Choosing the most appropriate method would depend on factors like age, overall health, desire to have a child later, frequency of intercourse, number of partners, and family medical history.

Sterilization is a permanent way to stop birth control. Sterilization can work in two ways: preventing a woman from getting pregnant or a man from releasing sperm.

This contraception method is used after unprotected intercourse, or if a condom breaks, to prevent a probable pregnancy. There are two ways to do it. 

  • Copper IUD – It is a very effective method of emergency contraception. A copper device can be inserted within 120 hours of unprotected sexual activity to prevent pregnancy. 
  • Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) – Some hormonal pills, if taken as a single dose or two doses 12 hours apart, can be used after unprotected intercourse. 

 This method uses any physical barrier to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. These barriers are worn and removed by users themselves. Barrier contraceptives are male condoms, female condoms, contraceptive sponges, and spermicides. 

In this method, hormones regulate or stop ovulation and prevent pregnancy. There are various ways to introduce hormones into the body, like pills, injections, skin patches, transdermal gels, vaginal rings, intrauterine systems, and implantable rods. 

This contraception prevents ovulation by blocking sperm from reaching the egg or thickening cervical mucus. Hormonal Contraceptive Methods:

  • Combined estrogen and progesterone (Oral, Transdermal, vaginal)
  • Progesterone only (Oral, Injectable, implantable, intrauterine)
  • Combined estrogen and progesterone

Commonly known as an intrauterine system (IUS). A health care provider inserts a small, T-shaped intrauterine device (IUD) into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. An IUD stays in place and works effectively for recommended years. IUD devices can be removed when a woman no longer requires contraception. 

Contraception in Dubai

Types of Intra-Uterine Devices(IUD)

Copper-T IUD

Copper-T IUD is preferred by women at low risk of STIs and monogamous women. The copper IUD is a small, T-shaped device made of plastic and copper. It constantly releases small amounts of copper into the uterus.

Hormonal or Mirena IUD

Levonorgestrel intrauterine system (Mirena) is safe and effective for 5 years. It is a small, T-shaped, plastic device that slowly releases progestogen hormone into your uterus. It is the same hormone produced by the ovaries. The device has a fine nylon thread attached, which drops down through the cervix.

Benefits of IUDs

IUD Insertion in Dubai

An expert physician inserts the IUD by holding the slider firmly at the top of the handle and gently placing the inserter into the cervical canal. Some doctors believe that woman’s menstrual period is the best time for inserting an IUD, as the cervix is dilated at that time. IUD insertion in Dubai is also performed to help reduce severe menstrual pain and problems related to the abnormal growth of uterine-lining tissue. 

IUD Removal in Dubai

IUD removal process is quick and simple, just the reverse of insertion. If you are looking for IUD removal in Dubai, a healthcare provider tenderly pulls on the string to fold the arms of the device, and it slips out easily. Some women feel a cramp for that moment but feel normal in a few minutes. 

IUD Insertion & Removal in Dubai

Why choose Dr. Mustafa for emergency contraception in Dubai?

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