G shot Treatment in Dubai

The G-Shot has revolutionized intimacy for women. Studies suggest that 87% of women noted a remarkable improvement in satisfaction levels and arousal after having a G-Shot. 

The G-Shot is also known as G-Spot Amplification (GSA), and the procedure aims to increase the size and thickness of your G-Spot

What is a G-Shot Treatment?

The G-Shot is a treatment that helps women enhance their sexual pleasure. G-Shot falls under the umbrella treatment of vaginal rejuvenation. It is a non-surgical procedure where a gynecologist injects a collagen filler inside the vagina into the G-Spot (Grafenberg spot). The G-Spot is the part of the vagina responsible for triggering an orgasm in women when stimulated during intercourse. 

When G-Spot is injected, a larger surface area is created, resulting in increased stimulation, and enhanced sexual pleasure.

G shot treatment in Dubai

Where is G-Spot located?

The G-Spot, also known as the Grafenberg spot, is an erogenous area of the vagina between the vaginal opening and the urethra. The goal of the G-Shot is to add volume to the tissue around the woman’s G-Spot. In addition, injecting hyaluronic acid into the G-Spot can increase sensitivity and increase arousal.

G-Shot treatment procedure

The G-Shot is a simple, painless, non-surgical procedure performed under anesthesia. The process of injecting usually takes less than 10 seconds and the total procedure time is less than an hour. 

The injection consists of a formula that includes hyaluronic acid and is similar to the injections used to plump lips and smoothens wrinkles in other cosmetic applications.

A specially designed speculum is directed into the G-Spot for the filler. The result in an enlarged and augmented G-Spot area. 

Why take a G-Shot?

The main reason for taking a G-Shot is to improve the pleasure sensations. It is a great way to help those women who don’t get enough arousal during intimate engagements.

The doctor will perform the non-surgical treatment under local anesthesia. Women who wish to improve their intimate experience now have the bonus feature of temporarily enhancing their G-Spot if they opt for this simple treatment. 

The results from a G-Shot are not permanent. They may last from three to six months. 

The G-Shot procedure is quick and worthwhile for a woman looking to spice up the bedroom.

Why choose Dr. Mustafa for G-shot Treatment in Dubai?

Dr. Mustafa is a highly-qualified surgeon, consultant, and specialist in this field. He is renowned for offering honest advice and personalized care for his patients. If you wish to improve your intimate health and relationship, consult Dr. Mustafa and get the G-Shot treatment in Dubai.