How is a laser vaginal tightening performed?

Laser vaginal tightening

Age, significant life experiences, and stress can impact the genitalia, just like any other part of our bodies. However, the vulva and vagina are particularly affected by the decline in the hormone estrogen, which in turn causes a decrease in the amounts of collagen and elastin.

While a drop in collagen and elastin may only cause minor signs of aging to appear on other body parts, it can cause vaginal laxity, urine incontinence, dryness, and recurrent UTIs.

The most efficient technique to treat them is vaginal tightening treatment. 

So how is laser vaginal tightening done?


What is laser vaginal rejuvenation?


By promoting blood flow and collagen growth, laser vaginal tightening, referred to as laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment, employs concentrated light to help tighten and tone the muscles supporting the vagina.

Vaginal elasticity is crucial as problems, including dryness, leakage, or pain, are caused due to the lack of it. In addition, it shields women from various problems, including dryness, leakage, or pain during intercourse.

Certain vaginal tightening laser treatments can provide a range of intimate area healthcare needs. Laser vaginal rejuvenation without surgery can produce excellent results. It assists women in addressing various issues related to the natural aging process that occurs after pregnancy or motherhood. This special form of care addresses frequent and bothersome feminine problems.

You may have urine pressure incontinence if you feel a leak when you laugh, run, sniffle, or hack. This occurs when the pelvic floor muscles weaken due to pregnancy or advancing age. The patient can better control urine flow thanks to vaginal rejuvenation, which improves bladder control. In addition, the procedure increases the production of collagen proteins in both muscle and skin tissue.


How is a vaginal tightening treatment done?


Before the procedure


You will receive a thorough evaluation during your initial visit to ensure you are a candidate for the procedure. Additionally, you’ll need a recent Pap smear test (conducted within the last 12 months) to ensure your vagina is in good shape.

The technique for laser vaginal tightening is rapid and almost painless. It normally only takes 15 to 30 minutes to administer local anesthesia.


During the procedure


During the procedure, a speculum is utilized similarly to a Pap smear. The laser-equipped tiny rod will then be carefully inserted. Although it’s not unpleasant, the laser is carefully pushed back to cover the entire length of the vaginal wall. Typically, two or three treatments are advised to have longer-lasting benefits.


Aftercare for laser vaginal rejuvenation


Your laser vaginal tightening & rejuvenation treatment will work best for you if you follow an efficient aftercare routine. Here are some guidelines for aftercare that you should adhere to.

  • After the treatment, refrain from bathing for at least three days.
  • After the procedure, there can be a small discharge for three days, although this is not concerning.
  • After laser vaginal rejuvenation, be sure to wait at least three days before using a tampon or having sexual activity.

You could require three treatment sessions, each spaced at four weeks to achieve full benefits. Therefore, be sure to show up for all of your appointments.


Vaginal laxity’s common causes


Following childbirth, vaginal laxity or vaginal relaxation syndrome is common. A widening of the vaginal canal is what this illness is known for. It causes the vagina’s function and appearance to decline. These are a few potential causes of this condition:

  • Menopause
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Hormonal changes
  • Regular aging

Regardless of the source, vaginal looseness can lead to severe mental anguish and have an impact on your desire for sex as well as your general health.


Results of laser vaginal rejuvenation


Your vagina’s young elasticity can be restored with laser vaginal rejuvenation. It is a non-surgical procedure that doesn’t require any incisions or cuts. As a result, you won’t need to rest after the procedure.

LVT restores the natural moisture and thickness of the vaginal walls, increasing the pleasure experienced during sex. Additionally, you will notice a dramatic improvement in several conditions, including vaginal atrophy, dryness, and unintentional bladder leaks.


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