clitoral hoodectomy in dubai


Clitoral Hoodplasty or clitoral hood reduction is a genital surgical procedure for women who face problems due to excess top skin or hood over the clitoris in the genitals. 

The clitoral hood, also known as prepuce, is like a natural tissue that encloses the clitoris to prevent over-stimulation. This wrap retracts during sexual intercourse while leaving the clitoris exposed.  

Hoodectomy or Hoodoplasty is a medical procedure to remove excess tissue allowing the clitoris to be more exposed, resulting in improved sexual sensitivity and experience.

Clitoral Hoodectomy In Dubai

What is Clitoral Hoodplasty?

Known by names like Clitoral Hoodectomy, Clitoral Hood Reduction, and Clitoral Unhooding, it is mainly done to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse and also to improve the appearance of labia. Experienced medical surgeons trim the excess skin over the clitoris to reduce bulkiness. 

The procedure tightens the uneven and thick labia that cause pain, irritation, and sometimes embarrassment. Dr. Mustafa Aldam is an experienced surgeon who performs Clitoral Hoodectomy in Dubai

Who should go for a Clitoral Hoodectomy in Dubai?

Clitoral Hoodplasty may be done for those who wish to-

Cosmetic improvements with clitoral hoodplasty in Dubai

Women in Dubai who wish to correct their clitoral hood size or improve their vaginal appearance may undergo this procedure for cosmetic improvements. Dr. Mustafa Aldam specializes in performing a clitoral hoodectomy in Dubai on patients who have undergone a labiaplasty to maintain certain attractive proportions of vaginal tissue.

What Happens During the Procedure?

It is an outpatient and fairly quick procedure that can be performed in under an hour. Generally, the patients are discharged the same day. 

Benefits of a Clitoral Hood Reduction

A women smiling after Clitoral Hoodectomy In Dubai

The Clitoral Hoodectomy Procedure


Consult with Dr. Mustafa and share all your concerns and doubts. He will guide you about the complete process, associated risks, and the recovery phase.


The surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia. The surgical site is numbed with anesthesia to avoid any pain and discomfort. Sometimes general anesthesia may also be given.


Looking at the problem, the surgeon carefully creates a horizontal incision in the clitoral hood.

Removal of Skin

The prepuce projection is reduced by removing the excess tissue in that region.


Dr. Mustafa closes the incisions using absorbable sutures and may cover them with a light bandage.


It may vary, but typically patients resume work and normal activities in 3-5 days. A patient may expect minor discomfort during the initial days of healing.


Clitoris is a very delicate part of our anatomy. Therefore, opt for a well-trained, experienced, and qualified surgeon for Clitoral Hoodectomy in Dubai.