High-Risk Pregnancy in Dubai


Pregnancy is an unmatched, beautiful experience. But it can take a toll on your emotions once you know it is a high-risk pregnancy. Pregnancy experience differs with each individual, but some are more vulnerable to pregnancy complications. 

A high-risk pregnancy is one where the mother’s health or the fetus’s life is in danger. When a mom-to-be suffers from a chronic illness or health issues, it may put her in the high-risk category. It suggests that you need extra care for a successful pregnancy and delivery

high risk pregnancy in Dubai

What are the risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy?

Most of the time, a pre-existing medical disorder is a reason for a high-risk pregnancy. But there could be a new medical condition that originates during Pregnancy and pose a risk to the mother or the baby. The common factors that increase risks during Pregnancy:

Risk factors before pregnancy
Risk factors during pregnancy

Health problems during labor and delivery

Include birth to a preemie that takes place more than three weeks before the baby’s estimated due date.

Diagnostic Tests for high-risk pregnancy

Other than routine antenatal screening tests, advanced techniques can gauge possible risks. Therefore the doctors recommend the following lab tests: 


Biophysical profile

Ultrasound for cervical length

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)

Specialized or targeted ultrasound

Some diagnostic tests like chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis also pose certain risks. Discuss them in detail with your specialist doctor. 

Why choose Dr. Mustafa Aldam for high-risk pregnancy in Dubai?

Dr. Mustafa Aldam is a well-known gynecologist for high-risk pregnancies in Dubai. The mother undergoing high-risk pregnancy is more prone to anxiety. They need a compassionate and caring doctor like Dr. Mustafa. Under his guidance, there are higher chances of avoiding labor and delivery complications. 

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