Pregnancy Care in Dubai


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience when you are healthy, informed, and prepared for it. Taking good care during pregnancy can improve the chances of a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby. Therefore, pregnancy care should be initiated with the suspicion of pregnancy. 

Visit a pregnancy care clinic in Dubai to gain knowledge, stay fit and active, and reduce the chances of your and your baby’s health complications like anemia, low birth weight, or congenital disabilities. 

Services provided by maternity care specialists

Expecting parents are educated regarding—

Pregnancy care in Dubai

Prenatal care and assessment (before birth)

Prenatal care is also called antenatal care. This preventive healthcare approach is a specialty of Dr. Mustafa and his team. Missing out on antenatal care may increase the chance of low birth weight in babies, stillbirth, and preventable health issues. 

General pregnancy care is done through the following assessments: 

Benefits of prenatal care

Routine prenatal care helps—

Prenatal assessments

Routine checkups occur—

Postnatal care and assessment (after birth)

Postnatal care is the care required by a new mom and her newborn immediately after birth until the first six weeks of life. Most maternal and neonatal deaths happen during childbirth and the postpartum period.

While the mother goes through many physical and emotional changes, feeling exhausted and learning to handle her newborn, she needs such crucial support and advice. 

Benefits of Postpartum Care

Postnatal assessments include routine checkups at—

First visit

within 1 week, preferably on day 3

Second visit

7-14 days after birth

Third visit

4-6 weeks after birth

Postpartum care also involves the following—

Getting enough rest

Rest is crucial for rebuilding a new mother’s health and strength. So, use every opportunity to sleep and rest while not attending to the baby. Keep the baby’s crib close by for night feedings.


Eating Right

While the body and mind undergo significant transformation, having proper nutrition helps you with breastfeeding and preventing constipation. Breastfeeding mothers may require meals more times. Include low-fat protein-rich food, balanced carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. In addition, drinking plenty of fluids is mandatory. 


Vaginal Care

New moms should not ignore vaginal care. Post delivery, you may experience:

  • Soreness in the vagina in case of a tear during delivery
  • Urination problems, like persistent urge or pain 
  • Discharge or small blood clots
  • Spasms and contractions in the first few days post-delivery
Maternity care Dubai

Why choose Dr. Mustafa Aldam for pregnancy care in Dubai?

Dr. Mustafa offers customized guidance to every expecting mom through instructions for health and safety, ensuring their smooth pregnancy phase. He has several accreditations and a high specialty degree in obstetrics and gynecology from the University of Jordan.

Life changes after you become a mom. Make these changes positive and pleasant by taking proper guidance and maternity care in Dubai with Dr. Mustafa Aldam.