Painless Normal Delivery in Dubai

What is a Vaginal Delivery?

A vaginal delivery or painless normal delivery is the natural and most recommended process for delivering a baby. When the baby reaches its full term, the mother starts having contractions, and her cervix expands to deliver.

What are the types of vaginal delivery?

There are three types of vaginal deliveries, namely,

A women with her baby after Painless Normal Delivery in Dubai

What is the process of a painless normal delivery?

The mother starts feeling labor pains. The mucous plug of the uterus opens up, and water breaks with the rupture of membranes. As the labor progresses, the mother feels strong contractions that help push the baby into the birth canal. The length of the labor process varies on an individual basis.

Generally, the labor is 12 to 24 hours long in the first pregnancy, which is reduced to 6 or 8 hours for the second. The mother must continue pushing the baby to the birth canal until the baby comes out. Finally, the dilation of the cervix makes the contractions softer. Finally, the dilation of the cervix is wide enough for the baby to come out of the mother's uterus. The placenta is also pushed out with the baby.

Painless Normal Delivery can also be achieved using a form of regional anesthesia called an epidural which provides pain relief during natural labor. It is fast acting, an effective method for pain relief, and has minimal side effects on both mother and the child.

What are the benefits of normal delivery?

This treatment is useful for those facing issues related to

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