Cosmetic gynecology in Dubai

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O Shot

The O-Shot, also known as the Orgasm Shot, is a treatment technique for improving women’s sexual dysfunction.
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G shot Treatment

The G-Shot has revolutionized intimacy for women. Studies suggest that 87% of women noted a remarkable improvement in satisfaction levels and arousal after having a G-Shot. 
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Vaginal Tightening

It is a surgical procedure used to improve the functionality of a woman’s vaginal organs, restore their cosmetic look, or boost their sensitivity.
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Labiaplasty is an aesthetic surgical procedure to reshape and beautify the external appearance of the female genitalia or treat functional impairment.
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Clitoral hood plasty(Hoodectomy)

Clitoral Hoodplasty or clitoral hood reduction is a genital surgical procedure for women who face problems due to excess top skin or hood over the clitoris in the genitals.
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Vaginal Bleaching

Laser Vaginal Bleaching/Lightening/Bikini Whitening is a cosmetic procedure. It uses laser light that targets melanin pigment to lessen vaginal discoloration.
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